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1997 Badwater 135 Results

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20 finishers, 27 starters (74%), Matt Frederick, Hi-Tec Race Director. Buckle Cut-Off 48:00.
AC ID Last Name First Name M/F Age City State Country Nationality Start TimeFinish: 135mi  
135JonesDavidm45 USAUSAAM29:10:00 
2366MagillJimm50 USAUSAAM35:45:00 
373SmithLisaf36 USAUSAAM37:01:00 
4367SuttonDalem USAUSAAM38:50:00 
5339JustinMickm49 USAUSAAM38:55:00 
6357SilverStevenm48 USAUSAAM39:13:00 
7334MenardBillm46 USAUSAAM39:55:00 
8368ToepkeMatthewm USAUSAAM40:48:00 
9361WilkieJosem34 USAUSAAM40:56:00 
10351TolerBeachamm USAUSAAM43:53:00 
11369MaplesMaj. W.C.m33 USAUSAAM45:15:00 
12370VanceFredm USAUSAAM47:00:00 
13141ScharffenbergDelm51 USAUSAAM48:16:00 
14371ZamaErism ItalyItalyAM49:02:00 
15330LambertRobert "Primus"m United KingdomUnited KingdomAM50:54:00 
1665RadichJohnm43MonroviaCalifornia USAUSAAM51:07:00 
17337VolkenandRobm USAUSAAM52:45:00 
18327KerrStevem United KingdomUnited KingdomAM56:02:00 
1982WeberScottm45 USAUSAAM57:00:00 
20372BradenPaulm CanadaCanadaAM57:11:00 
 373CliftonEricm USAUSAAM DNF
 374CromptonTerrym USAUSAAM DNF
 319DennessJackm62 United KingdomUnited KingdomAM DNF
 375FurnesBjartem NorwayNorwayAM DNF
 56NeckarTimm35 USAUSAAM DNF
 376PetroniBrunom SwitzerlandSwitzerlandAM DNF
 365SchmidtRichardm USAUSAAM DNF