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2006 Furnace Creek 508 - Search Results (110 Found)

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Place Totem AC ID Name Group Category M/FTS #8
508 mi
Age Age Group City State Country Nationality Veteran
1Dik-Dik690Shanna Armstrong1SoloF38:46:153230+LubbockTX USAUSAYes
2Scarlett Fairy Cup506Monica Scholz1SoloF40:00:023930+JerseyvilleON CANCANYes
3Monarch Butterfly1528Linda Bott1SoloF40:48:564940+VenturaCA USAUSAYes
4Fast Rabbit1596Jennifer Flenner1SoloF45:05:483130+RidgecrestCA USAUSANo
5Hoodoo1502Louise Comar1SoloF45:52:565350+AtascaderoCA USAUSAYes
 Nudibranch1601Patty Riddle1SoloFDNF5850+La JollaCA USAUSANo
 Portuguese Man-O-War1602Lauren Fithian1SoloFDNF4840+MinneapolisMN USAUSANo
 Medicine Horse124Jenn Long1SoloFDNF3230+FawnskinCA USAUSAYes
 Malteese46Linda McFadden1SoloFDNF4440+ModestoCA USAUSANo
1Alpine Ibex85Michael Emde1SoloM28:23:213630+SpokaneWA USAAUTYes
2Snow Leopard464Mike Trevino1SoloM29:41:113130+San DiegoCA USAUSANo
3Crow95Sean Cuddihy1SoloM30:26:213730+Long BeachCA USAUSAYes
4Mudcat190David R. Holt1SoloM30:46:365450+Laguna NiguelCA USAUSAYes
5Werewolf161Timothy Woudenberg1Solo RecumbentM31:50:354940+Moss BeachCA USAUSAYes
6Wren205Wade Baker1SoloM31:55:445150+AtascaderoCA USAUSAYes
7Muskrat1001Rob Morlock1SoloM32:00:224240+DanburyCT USAUSAYes
8Titanium Triceratops1607Kenneth Philbrick1SoloM32:30:132820+KezierOR USAUSANo
9Cookie Monster1595Michael Cook1SoloM32:36:243530+Santa RosaCA USAUSANo
10Dung Mite101Andrew Zelhof1SoloM32:39:333730+CarlsbadCA USAUSANo
11Python784Graham Pollock1SoloM32:48:403930+FolsomCA USAGBRYes
12Rocky Mountain Wolf1472Stuart Kroonenberg1SoloM33:24:013830+Highlands RanchCO USAUSAYes
13Flamingo105Reed Finfrock1SoloM33:58:126060+SpringvilleCA USAUSAYes
14Swift1605Jim Karanas1SoloM34:49:175250+LafayetteCA USAUSANo
15Blue Dog1437John Jurczynski1SoloM35:11:244940+HoldernessNH USAUSAYes
16Flicker210Michael Wolfe1Solo RecumbentM35:49:133230+PortlandOR USAUSANo
17Devil Grasshopper98Scott McIntosh1SoloM36:20:593630+ChicagoIL USAUSAYes
18Seal1251Sam Beal1Solo Fixed GearM36:37:275450+Mountain ViewCA USAUSAYes
19Bradan1593Bob Redmond1SoloM36:45:454740+PetalumaCA USAUSANo
20Bear87Gary Baierl1SoloM37:05:563930+PowayCA USAUSAYes
21Donkey100David A. Jones1SoloM37:14:386060+Canoga ParkCA USAUSAYes
22Bongo1592Michael Head1SoloM37:15:073630+San MateoCA USAUSANo
23Silly Goose136Greg Matherly1SoloM37:30:184340+EncinitasCA USAUSANo
24Collared Lizard93Mike Bridschge1SoloM37:32:164240+CoolidgeAZ USAUSANo
25Griffin1140Kevin Griffin1SoloM37:50:245250+WoodsideCA USAUSAYes
26Lone Wolf688Robert Kevin Hurst1SoloM38:30:204740+Lake View TerraceCA USAUSAYes
27Sloth188Erik Skramstad1SoloM39:00:062820+HendersonNV USAUSAYes
28Tarpon795Laurence A. Kluck1SoloM39:04:555850+EurekaCA USAUSAYes
29Spider141Del Scharffenberg1SoloM40:20:146160+MilwaukieOR USAUSAYes
30Water Bear1608Robert Buntrock1SoloM40:59:344240+Discovery BayCA USAUSANo
31Hoary Marmot1600John Henry Maurice1SoloM41:23:025150+KeizerOR USAUSANo
32Desert Duck75Steve Teal1SoloM41:24:064140+PhelanCA USAUSAYes
33Viper1490Greg Hiebert1SoloM41:40:044640+San JoseCA USAUSAYes
34Rottweiler112Ralph Jacobson1SoloM42:02:124640+Santa ClaritaCA USAUSANo
35Red-Eyed Vireo159George A. Vargas1SoloM42:59:524140+EncinitasCA USAUSANo
36Picachu130Francis-Marion Ignacio1SoloM43:10:333930+DuarteCA USAUSANo
37Nautilus743Babak Azad1SoloM43:39:323330+Santa MonicaCA USAUSANo
38Scorpion1156Steve Winfrey1SoloM44:58:145250+CamarilloCA USAUSAYes
39Mammoth1405Curt Nichols1SoloM46:14:085050+El Dorado HillsCA USAUSAYes
40Tapir1606Christopher O'Keefe1SoloM46:36:093930+Mountain ViewCA USAUSANo
41Giant Water Bug163Steve Gray1SoloM47:55:504540+HendersonNV USAUSAYes
42Red Wolf1604Mike DeNoma1SoloM47:55:575050+Singapore SGPSGPNo
 Ram786Chris Ragsdale1SoloMDNF2920+SeattleWA USAUSAYes
 French Frog1598Pascal Pechallat1SoloMDNF4240+Lyon FRAFRANo
 British Red Squirrel1594Oliver Martin1SoloMDNF4140+Los AngelesCA USAUSANo
 Red Tail Hawk1484Steve Scheetz1SoloMDNF3630+King Of PrussiaPA USAUSAYes
 Great Dane1599Gregory D. Sherman1SoloMDNF4040+Chula VistaCA USAUSANo
 Arab Horse25David Harper1SoloMDNF4340+ClermontFL USAUSANo
 Hare1586Rick Jacobson1SoloMDNF4840+ResedaCA USAUSAYes
 Wookie1609Jason Nemecek1SoloMDNF3530+San JoseCA USAUSANo
 Prairie Dog1603Brent Michael Kious1SoloMDNF2820+Los AngelesCA USAUSANo
 Fast Truck Gecko104Kenny Souza1SoloMDNF4140+San MarcosCA USAUSAYes
 Pound Puppy783Vincent Tortorich1SoloMDNF4440+Beverly HillsCA USAUSANo
 Sea Horse1300James Severance1SoloMDNF6060+DriggsID USAUSAYes
 Black Foot Ferret1591Alex McManigill1SoloMDNF3730+Palo AltoCA USAUSANo
 Desert Rat97Ric Schrank1SoloMDNF4140+Virginia CityNV USAUSAYes
 Leafhopper1538Leighton White1SoloMDNF4340+Steamboat SpringsCO USAUSAYes
 Flying Pig1597Martin Dressman1SoloMDNF4240+CincinnatiOH USAUSANo
 Tasmanian Wolf797Wolfgang Lenzen1SoloMDNF6060+Osnabrueck DEUDEUNo
 Springbuck1123Charles C. Schroyer1SoloMDNF5450+Morgan HillCA USAUSAYes
 Flying Fish20Chris Frost1SoloMDNF5550+MalibuCA USAUSAYes
 Babbler Bird941Dennis Brown1SoloMDNF6060+Lake ForestCA USAUSAYes
 Lapp Dog120Markku Saarinen1SoloMDNF5050+Paimio FINFINYes
1Blandy Dragons1646Blake Bader2Tandem Mixed 47:22:024540+TurlockCA USAUSANo
1Hammerhead  6Two Man 26:16:25 40+      
2Platypus  6Two Man 28:16:00 20+      
3Gallus Gallus  6Two Mixed 28:20:31 30+      
4Bumble Skipper  6Two Mixed 28:49:39 40+      
5Red Kangaroo  6Two Man 29:08:41 30+      
6Wild Rooster  6Two Man 32:22:30 50+      
7African Swamp Rat  6Two Man 32:23:24 40+      
8Silver Foxes  6Two Man 33:08:16 60+      
9Kitten  6Two Mixed 33:14:26 40+      
10Leatherback Turtles  6Two Mixed 33:18:13 60+      
11Numbat  6Two Man 34:07:46 40+      
12Horned Toads  6Two Mixed 34:13:04 50+      
13Pronghorn  6Two Man 34:18:21 40+      
14Tiger Shark  6Two Man 34:35:01 40+      
15Addax  6Two Man 35:05:06 30+      
16Skink  6Two Mixed 35:07:13 50+      
17Tortuga  6Two Man 35:37:49 40+      
18Prairie Falcon  6Two Man 37:15:04 50+      
19Golden Drasenji  6Two Mixed 38:21:23 40+      
20Protoceratops  6Two Man 40:18:15 30+      
21Gummer Bears  6Two Mixed 42:24:20 50+      
22Mahi Mahi  6Two Man 43:33:19 60+      
1Mongrel Dogs  8Four Man 27:59:15 30+      
2Mojave Green  8Four Man 28:59:23 40+      
3Fruit Bat  8Four Man 29:15:30 40+      
4Alligator  8Four Man 30:18:33 40+      
5Gray Fox  8Four Man 31:40:10 50+      
6Bonobo  8Four Man Fixed Gear 32:23:35 20+      
7Manticore  8Four Man 32:50:16 40+      
8Swallow  8Four Woman 33:25:02 30+      
9Zorilla  8Four Mixed 33:41:06 40+      
10Great Gray Owls  8Four Man 34:47:55 40+      
11Chukar  8Four Man 35:03:04 40+      
12Western Wood Pewee  8Four Man 35:23:03 50+      
13Chinook  8Four Mixed 36:46:46 40+      
14Desperate House Flies  8Four Man FIN 30+      
 Baboons  8Four Man DNF 40+