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1989 Badwater 135 Results

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"Badwater 146" - with the finish line illegally at the summit of Mt. Whitney - only took place in 1987, 1988, and 1989, so in the entire history of the race, that route was used just three times. In fact, only 11 individuals ever finished the race at mile 146, the summit of Mt. Whitney. 1989 was the third and final year of the 146-mile route, and even race veteran Tom Possert stopped at mile 135 with a time of 36:10. All other times shown are for the 146-mile route. Adrian Crane used cross-country skis across a portion of Death Valley, shortening the course, and so was disqualified.
 Finish: 135mi Last Name First Name AC ID M/F Age City State Country Nationality Previous
136:10:00PossertTom288m USAUSAYes
263:21:00YassoBart293m USAUSANo
366:00:00AlvarezBarbara399f USAAUTNo
366:00:00CastenadaAngelika294f USAAUTNo
5 JonesChuck287m USAUSAYes
5 WalkerJim291m USAUSAYes
 DQCraneAdrian290m USAUSAYes