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2009 Badwater 135 Results

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PLEASE NOTE: Two nearby campers reported "giant trees just across the creek from our campsite engulfed in flames" to us while we were stationed at the Whitney Portal finish line on Tuesday night at about 930am. Approximately 28 runners had completed the course when I radioed in a 911 call via our race headquarters down the mountain in Lone Pine. Within 45 minutes, an Inyo County Sheriff's deputy arrived with lights flashing and tires squealing. He pulled up with his window down, saying something to the effect of "Get out of here immediately. There's a fire. Do not stop to pick up anything. Get in your cars and LEAVE NOW!" He then raced off to alert others in the area. We scrambled to grab the bare necessities (finish line tape, medals, buckles, cameras, and computers) while rookie entrant Dennis Koors literally sprinted around emergency vehicles and the deluge of departing cars to cross the finish line at 10:13pm. I took his photo (minus the finish line tape as there was nobody to hold it up), then jumped in my van as he jumped into his support vehicle.

We headed down the mountain, discovering a serious forest fire less than 100 yards from the road, not one mile from our finish line. Dozens of giant trees were engulfed in flames from bottom to top. Firefighters and fire trucks were everywhere and a scramble of cars was disgorging down the mountain. I raised our Mile 131 time station on the radio and they told me they were aware of the situation above them, but had been told by the authorities that they could remain at their location. We made the decision to make that location the official finish line from that point onwards. We were all lucky that the wind was blowing down the mountain, not uphill towards our finish line located at the end of a dead end road.

As a result, the traditional mile 135 finish line was closed from 10:14pm Tuesday night until 7:10am on Wednesday morning (the road was reopened at mile 131 at 700am after the fire department gave the "all clear" to return). Therefore, all 2009 entrants who completed either 131 miles (within 58 hours) or 135 miles (within 60 hours) are OFFICIAL FINISHERS of the race. This resulted in three different types of Official Finishers, all considered equal in terms of accomplishment and recognition:
  • 36 finished before fire closed the last 3.5 miles of the race route: All 36 received sub-48-hour buckles.
  • 9 finished after the last 3.5 miles were re-opened (not affected by the fire): 1 of those received a sub-48-hour buckle.
  • 30 finished at mile 131 due to the road closure: 29 of those received sub-48-hour buckles. (Of these 30 finishers, 8 came back to the race course when it reopened and finished the full 135 mile route. THE CLOCK NEVER STOPPED for these athletes, thus their times were anywhere from several to eleven hours slower than otherwise might have been the case.)
We salute every race finisher and their tremendously positive response to a difficult situation. Thankfully, no lives were lost and the fire was contained during the night. We also salute the US Forest Service, Inyo County Sheriff's Department, and CAL Fire for their fast response and professionalism, and for allowing us to maintain the mile 131 finish line just at the periphery of the fire zone while they did their job.
 Finish: 135mi Last Name First Name Bib# AC ID M/F Age City State Country Nationality
123:39:18FarinazzoMarcos251180m40ResendeRJ BRABRA
224:36:07LopezOswaldo391189m37MaderaCA USAMEX
325:06:12GingerichZach29712m29AuroraIL USAUSA
425:45:11EngleCharlie914m46GreensboroNC USAUSA
527:20:18DonaldsonJamie312f34LittletonCO USAUSA
628:23:16PachecoJorge161m41Los AngelesCA USAMEX
729:03:09ReedPam5505f48TucsonAZ USAUSA
829:12:29McCarthyPhilip701191m41NewYorkNY USAUSA
929:19:04EdingerPerry821179m48PhoenixAZ USAUSA
1029:46:49BenkeBlake324m32DanburyCT USAUSA
1129:59:49LusskandlGerhard3743m39Ober-Grafendorf AUTAUT
1230:23:48HutchisonLorie8699f45Salt Lake CityUT USAUSA
1330:25:42EggenreichGerhard62660m46Mixnitz AUTAUT
1431:12:32GayterSharon45711f45GuisboroughTS GBRGBR
1531:26:25JonesDavid S.9535m57EaglevilleTN USAUSA
1631:33:13GundersonJonathan3024m31San FranciscoCA USAUSA
1732:23:59DaguiaSebastiao271178m43ResendeRJ BRABRA
1833:21:29HollonNickademus191185m19San DiegoCA USAUSA
1933:45:26NgHung-Kwong801194m44OrlandoFL USAUSA
2033:46:36BelituAdrian991168m36ChicagoIL USAROU
2133:49:21YoungrenKathy121203f34HuntsvilleAL USAUSA
2234:51:20KarnazesDean436m46RossCA USAUSA
2335:07:00MurriMorgan781193m44Pagosa SpringsCO USAUSA
2435:19:46LebrunRobert561187m56CallanderON CANCAN
2535:23:19CarrionElizabeth331172f33Fair LawnNJ USAUSA
2635:42:26MadlTerence871190m55Park RidgeIL USAUSA
2735:42:35SpringmanAlisa85705f34MercersburgPA USAUSA
2835:51:44WestergaardDanny8484m50Rolling HillsCA USAUSA
2936:10:47ScholzMonica7506f42JerseyvilleON CANCAN
3036:20:10GleasonJeff591183m51WexfordPA USAUSA
3136:28:02FortneyDarren421181m41MiddletonWI USAUSA
3237:10:31NatrajNattu4455m46LafayetteCO USAIND
3337:36:12MarshallKelvin65684m45Palm Beach AUSAUS
3438:47:03BrancoAriovaldo381170m38ResendeSC BRABRA
3539:53:41Teres CostaFrancisco581201m41Sabadell ESPESP
3640:13:36KoorsDennis611186m37Oak ParkCA USADNK
3746:35:29WebbArthur1181m67Santa RosaCA USAUSA
3849:45:16OlsonMark K.631195m62CovinaCA USAUSA
3950:25:24SanchezRay41716m42SacramentoCA USAUSA
4051:54:40BlangyMarianne166f46Chaussin FRAFRA
4152:09:23ImhofIris Cooper181176f50TorontoON CANCHE
4252:29:46CockbainMark3610m36Rowlands Gill GBRGBR
4352:44:03PorteraAnthony891196m38White PlainsNY USAUSA
4453:05:06ConillCarles641175m26Barcelona ESPESP
4553:17:17CorbinLeigh171177f48MurrietaCA USAUSA
4653:29:58McKinneyFrank4848m46Delray BeachFL USAUSA
4753:59:32GaudetPeggy141182f40HopeID USAUSA
4854:45:25BaumTodd343m51FayattevilleNY USAUSA
4954:55:20JacawayScott7234m51Downers GroveIL USAUSA
5055:07:08WeissErhard7383m58SiselenBE CHEDEU
5158:12:51BegayArnold461167m46Broken ArrowOK USAUSA
5258:28:17WeberScott1382m56WeedCA USAUSA
5359:11:05BradleyBill47109m48Santa RosaCA USAUSA
5437:14:09*TamatiLisa Yvonne86719f40New Plymouth NZLNZL
5537:42:29*StrawKeith601200m54MalvernPA USAGBR
5639:13:47*SafferyClive49400m54Hong Kong HKGGBR
5739:27:24*WhalenMike53689m54San Juan CapistranoCA USAUSA
5839:57:00*ChasilewMauro401173m40Rio Rio de JaneiroRJ BRABRA
5940:00:00*HanesSteve831184m53WestfieldPA USAUSA
6040:38:27*Prost-DumontAlain551197m55Ravilloles FRAFRA
6140:56:47*LemusMaria20656f45Los AngelesCA USASLV
6241:00:35*AldoviniRoberto811166m37Bornato ITAITA
6341:34:28*OstorPierre7159m52White Bear LakeMN USAFRA
6441:38:30*FrixeEberhard6618m59Meine DEUDEU
6541:46:49*ZwarkowskiCheryl50707f51Spring Valley LakeCA USAUSA
6642:19:44*HumphreyJack5130m52LouisvilleCO USAUSA
6742:50:42*Farar-GrieferShannon15463f48Hidden HillsCA USAUSA
6843:09:44*MarinsikDan7444m50San JoseCA USAUSA
6943:29:35*AndrewsBill23679m57RenoNV USAUSA
7043:54:58*CuffKermit28709m51Mountain ViewCA USAUSA
7144:02:19*RadichJohn7765m55MonroviaCA USAUSA
7244:56:27*CantuRuben6421m66AtokaTN USAUSA
7345:09:17*SheridanMolly521199f52Las VegasNV USAUSA
7445:23:49*BonattoRaphael311169m29CuritibaPB BRABRA
7547:23:49*ThurstonJarom88688m35PaysonUT USAUSA
 DNFCamaraCas671171m46WindermereFL USABRA
 DNFCheeverRick1001174m26FlagstaffAZ USAUSA
 DNFGrizardPhilippe5422m56Chaussin FRAFRA
 DNFMerienneJean-Jacques24405m56SireuilAQU FRAFRA
 DNFRidetJean-Luc431198m43Monts-de-CorsierVD CHEFRA
 DNFButterickJohn57599m58TampaFL USAUSA
 DNFKjenstadTim6837m51HendersonNV USAUSA
 DNFMolteniStefano211192m40Albese con Cassano ITAITA
 DNFLintonGeoff761188m47GuelphON CANCAN
 DNFUlrichMarshall2278m58Idaho SpringsCO USAUSA
 DNFValléeAlbert1079m50St Aubin de Terregatte FRAFRA

*In 2009 a forest fire prevented some runners from proceeding beyond Portal Road.