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2009 Badwater 135 Results

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PLEASE NOTE: Two nearby campers reported "giant trees just across the creek from our campsite engulfed in flames" to us while we were stationed at the Whitney Portal finish line on Tuesday night at about 930am. Approximately 28 runners had completed the course when I radioed in a 911 call via our race headquarters down the mountain in Lone Pine. Within 45 minutes, an Inyo County Sheriff's deputy arrived with lights flashing and tires squealing. He pulled up with his window down, saying something to the effect of "Get out of here immediately. There's a fire. Do not stop to pick up anything. Get in your cars and LEAVE NOW!" He then raced off to alert others in the area. We scrambled to grab the bare necessities (finish line tape, medals, buckles, cameras, and computers) while rookie entrant Dennis Koors literally sprinted around emergency vehicles and the deluge of departing cars to cross the finish line at 10:13pm. I took his photo (minus the finish line tape as there was nobody to hold it up), then jumped in my van as he jumped into his support vehicle.

We headed down the mountain, discovering a serious forest fire less than 100 yards from the road, not one mile from our finish line. Dozens of giant trees were engulfed in flames from bottom to top. Firefighters and fire trucks were everywhere and a scramble of cars was disgorging down the mountain. I raised our Mile 131 time station on the radio and they told me they were aware of the situation above them, but had been told by the authorities that they could remain at their location. We made the decision to make that location the official finish line from that point onwards. We were all lucky that the wind was blowing down the mountain, not uphill towards our finish line located at the end of a dead end road.

As a result, the traditional mile 135 finish line was closed from 10:14pm Tuesday night until 7:10am on Wednesday morning (the road was reopened at mile 131 at 700am after the fire department gave the "all clear" to return). Therefore, all 2009 entrants who completed either 131 miles (within 58 hours) or 135 miles (within 60 hours) are OFFICIAL FINISHERS of the race. This resulted in three different types of Official Finishers, all considered equal in terms of accomplishment and recognition:
  • 36 finished before fire closed the last 3.5 miles of the race route: All 36 received sub-48-hour buckles.
  • 9 finished after the last 3.5 miles were re-opened (not affected by the fire): 1 of those received a sub-48-hour buckle.
  • 30 finished at mile 131 due to the road closure: 29 of those received sub-48-hour buckles. (Of these 30 finishers, 8 came back to the race course when it reopened and finished the full 135 mile route. THE CLOCK NEVER STOPPED for these athletes, thus their times were anywhere from several to eleven hours slower than otherwise might have been the case.)
We salute every race finisher and their tremendously positive response to a difficult situation. Thankfully, no lives were lost and the fire was contained during the night. We also salute the US Forest Service, Inyo County Sheriff's Department, and CAL Fire for their fast response and professionalism, and for allowing us to maintain the mile 131 finish line just at the periphery of the fire zone while they did their job.
Bib# AC ID Last Name First Name M/F Age City State Country Nationality Start TimeFC: 17miSPW: 41miPS: 72miDW: 90miLP: 122miPR: 131miFinish: 135mi   Note
1251180FarinazzoMarcosm40ResendeRio de Janeiro BrazilBrazil10002:115:3110:4014:3520:2822:39:0023:39:18  
2391189LopezOswaldom37MaderaCalifornia USAMexico10002:116:0011:5215:3621:1423:28:0024:36:07  
329712GingerichZachm29AuroraIllinois USAUSA10002:115:2610:4614:3121:3724:02:0025:06:12  
4914EngleCharliem46GreensboroNorth Carolina USAUSA10002:426:5713:1017:2722:3024:41:0025:45:11  
5312DonaldsonJamief34LittletonColorado USAUSA10002:456:5013:0017:1223:4126:15:0027:20:18  
6161PachecoJorgem41Los AngelesCalifornia USAMexico10002:105:3111:1317:0125:4027:35:0028:23:16  
75505ReedPamf48TucsonArizona USAUSA10002:416:5513:3518:2325:1127:54:0029:03:09  
8701191McCarthyPhilipm41NewYorkNew York USAUSA10002:437:0414:0718:4725:2927:58:0029:12:29  
9821179EdingerPerrym48PhoenixArizona USAUSA10002:296:4414:0518:4925:5528:16:0029:19:04  
10324BenkeBlakem32DanburyConnecticut USAUSA10002:236:1813:1518:0725:3028:29:0029:46:49  
113743LusskandlGerhardm39Ober-Grafendorf AustriaAustria10003:007:1714:3118:4826:0228:59:0029:59:49  
128699HutchisonLorief45Salt Lake CityUtah USAUSA10002:456:4515:3020:1926:3429:12:0030:23:48  
1362660EggenreichGerhardm46Mixnitz AustriaAustria8002:487:2514:5620:2126:5029:28:0030:25:42  
1445711GayterSharonf45GuisboroughCleveland United KingdomUnited Kingdom10002:496:5413:5719:0127:2430:00:0031:12:32  
159535JonesDavid S.m57EaglevilleTennessee USAUSA10002:476:5515:3520:5327:3730:14:0031:26:25  
163024GundersonJonathanm31San FranciscoCalifornia USAUSA8002:367:1313:5419:2026:1930:09:0031:33:13  
17271178DaguiaSebastiaom43ResendeRio de Janeiro BrazilBrazil6002:336:3613:3018:3727:3031:05:0032:23:59  
18191185HollonNickademusm19San DiegoCalifornia USAUSA6002:287:0014:4021:3330:0232:19:0033:21:29  
19801194NgHung-Kwongm44OrlandoFlorida USAUSA8002:507:3715:5020:3028:1831:51:0033:45:26  
20991168BelituAdrianm36ChicagoIllinois USARomania10002:487:2917:3522:5229:4832:35:0033:46:36  
21121203YoungrenKathyf34HuntsvilleAlabama USAUSA10003:078:5317:0622:2130:0232:45:0033:49:21  
22436KarnazesDeanm46RossCalifornia USAUSA10002:366:4214:1919:4730:1933:35:0034:51:20  
23781193MurriMorganm44Pagosa SpringsColorado USAUSA8002:447:1215:1821:2831:0433:55:0035:07:00  
24561187LebrunRobertm56CallanderOntario CanadaCanada8003:238:4518:0724:0931:1534:08:0035:19:46  
25331172CarrionElizabethf33Fair LawnNew Jersey USAUSA10003:078:3017:1722:1631:0434:07:0035:23:19  
26871190MadlTerencem55Park RidgeIllinois USAUSA6003:399:1418:1523:5131:5734:25:0035:42:26  
2785705SpringmanAlisaf34MercersburgPennsylvania USAUSA10002:497:4917:1123:2831:3334:32:0035:42:35  
288484WestergaardDannym50Rolling HillsCalifornia USAUSA10003:059:5418:3424:0532:0134:49:0035:51:44  
297506ScholzMonicaf42JerseyvilleOntario CanadaCanada10003:389:4217:5223:3032:2935:07:0036:10:47 Finished just minutes ahead of evacuation.
30591183GleasonJeffm51WexfordPennsylvania USAUSA8003:259:0817:4123:3132:0334:53:0036:20:10  
31421181FortneyDarrenm41MiddletonWisconsin USAUSA8002:597:4917:1523:0832:0335:25:0036:28:02  
324455NatrajNattum46LafayetteColorado USAIndia8002:408:0620:0526:0033:0935:55:0037:10:31  
3365684MarshallKelvinm45Palm Beach AustraliaAustralia8002:599:5119:3624:5033:1436:19:0037:36:12  
34381170BrancoAriovaldom38ResendeSanta Catarina BrazilBrazil6002:387:3115:5122:5932:1136:59:0038:47:03  
35581201Teres CostaFranciscom41Sabadell SpainSpain6003:158:5417:5525:0035:3238:38:0039:53:41  
36611186KoorsDennism37Oak ParkCalifornia USADenmark6003:459:4518:4225:0034:3338:52:0040:13:36 Finished just as we were evacuating.
371181WebbArthurm67Santa RosaCalifornia USAUSA10004:0020:1529:0834:3442:3845:17:0046:35:29 First to finish after road re-opened. Time on course not affected by the fire.
38631195OlsonMark K.m62CovinaCalifornia USAUSA8003:289:0218:5525:2034:1937:21:0049:45:16 Lost 11 hours due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
3941716SanchezRaym42SacramentoCalifornia USAUSA10002:478:2119:1024:5332:1635:35:0050:25:24 Lost 11 hours due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
40166BlangyMariannef46Chaussin FranceFrance6004:1811:4625:4834:5147:3050:38:0051:54:40 Time on course not affected by the fire.
41181176ImhofIris Cooperf50TorontoOntario CanadaSwitzerland8003:228:3416:5023:2733:4037:14:0052:09:23 Lost 13 hours, 40 minutes due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
423610CockbainMarkm36Rowlands Gill United KingdomUnited Kingdom8003:0210:1823:4032:5446:3650:32:0052:29:46 Time on course not affected by the fire.
43891196PorteraAnthonym38White PlainsNew York USAUSA8003:3810:3222:2428:3240:1443:53:3952:44:03 Lost 7 hours, 20 minutes due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
44641175ConillCarlesm26Barcelona SpainSpain6003:139:2024:2029:4738:5542:48:2453:05:06 Lost 9 hours due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
45171177CorbinLeighf48MurrietaCalifornia USAUSA6003:5411:0522:0729:4940:3144:17:5553:17:17 Lost 7 hours due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
464847McKinneyFrankm46Delray BeachFlorida USAUSA6003:338:5618:5626:0537:4842:18:5553:29:58 Lost 10 hours due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
47141182GaudetPeggyf40HopeIdaho USAUSA8003:5511:3426:1535:2547:1452:03:0053:59:32 Time on course not affected by the fire.
48343BaumToddm51FayattevilleNew York USAUSA8003:419:4622:2531:3649:4253:19:0054:45:25 Time on course not affected by the fire.
497234JacawayScottm51Downers GroveIllinois USAUSA6003:169:4822:1327:3537:2940:34:0054:55:20 Lost 13 hours, 20 minutes due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
507383WeissErhardm58SiselenBerne (Bern) SwitzerlandGermany6003:4312:4927:1035:1140:3453:05:0055:07:08 Time on course not affected by the fire.
51461167BegayArnoldm46Broken ArrowOklahoma USAUSA10003:5113:5028:2638:2350:4756:15:0058:12:51 Time on course not affected by the fire.
521382WeberScottm56WeedCalifornia USAUSA6004:4513:1726:5035:4451:3456:04:0058:28:17 Time on course not affected by the fire.
5347109BradleyBillm48Santa RosaCalifornia USAUSA6004:4814:0129:3138:5553:0757:28:0059:11:05 Time on course not affected by the fire.
5486719TamatiLisa Yvonnef40New Plymouth New ZealandNew Zealand10003:008:0218:3624:2234:0237:14:09  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
55601200StrawKeithm54MalvernPennsylvania USAUnited Kingdom10003:007:4017:5422:5034:1837:42:29  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
5649400SafferyClivem54Hong Kong Hong KongUnited Kingdom8002:437:5016:1522:0330:5439:13:47  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
5753689WhalenMikem54San Juan CapistranoCalifornia USAUSA8003:4410:0922:5629:1436:5739:27:24  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
58401173ChasilewMaurom40Rio Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro BrazilBrazil6002:438:2219:5027:5236:3739:57:00  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
59831184HanesStevem53WestfieldPennsylvania USAUSA6003:349:2221:1126:1235:4940:00:00  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
60551197Prost-DumontAlainm55Ravilloles FranceFrance8003:2012:2122:4728:3737:3840:38:27  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
6120656LemusMariaf45Los AngelesCalifornia USAEl Salvador8003:169:1820:4127:3537:5040:56:47  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
62811166AldoviniRobertom37Bornato ItalyItaly8003:179:2720:1426:3337:4741:00:35  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
637159OstorPierrem52White Bear LakeMinnesota USAFrance8003:5510:1121:0527:1538:0141:34:28  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
646618FrixeEberhardm59Meine GermanyGermany8003:0410:0020:5528:0237:5041:38:30  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
6550707ZwarkowskiCherylf51Spring Valley LakeCalifornia USAUSA8003:3910:0121:0328:0537:3241:46:49  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
665130HumphreyJackm52LouisvilleColorado USAUSA8003:138:4219:2026:1938:4842:19:44  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
6715463Farar-GrieferShannonf48Hidden HillsCalifornia USAUSA6003:3810:1221:0228:5538:4442:50:42  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
687444MarinsikDanm50San JoseCalifornia USAUSA6003:4610:2222:3128:5639:4043:09:44  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
6923679AndrewsBillm57RenoNevada USAUSA6003:509:0721:3327:5239:3143:29:35  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
7028709CuffKermitm51Mountain ViewCalifornia USAUSA10003:179:1218:5432:4041:0743:54:58  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
717765RadichJohnm55MonroviaCalifornia USAUSA10003:2411:0323:4330:3141:0344:02:19  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
726421CantuRubenm66AtokaTennessee USAUSA6003:5311:0224:4332:0641:5044:56:27  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
73521199SheridanMollyf52Las VegasNevada USAUSA6003:519:5922:3029:0440:3745:09:17  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
74311169BonattoRaphaelm29CuritibaParaíba BrazilBrazil8002:347:2225:4532:5444:4045:23:49  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Earned a sub-48 hour buckle.
7588688ThurstonJaromm35PaysonUtah USAUSA6003:079:2431:0736:1846:4047:23:49  Mile 131 finish due to forest fire. Missed 48-hour buckle cut-off (46 hours here).
76671171CamaraCasm46WindermereFlorida USABrazil6003:4111:4030:1548:5056:2758:50:00 DNFFinished 135-mile route beyond 60-hour cut-off.
77761188LintonGeoffm47GuelphOntario CanadaCanada10003:057:5315:3520:53   DNF 
785422GrizardPhilippem56Chaussin FranceFrance6003:3510:0324:46    DNF 
791079ValléeAlbertm50St Aubin de Terregatte FranceFrance10002:448:47     DNF 
8057599ButterickJohnm58TampaFlorida USAUSA8003:3311:10     DNF 
81211192MolteniStefanom40Albese con Cassano ItalyItaly8003:3111:43     DNF 
8224405MerienneJean-Jacquesm56SireuilAquitaine FranceFrance6003:4815:03     DNF 
831001174CheeverRickm26FlagstaffArizona USAUSA6003:0117:01     DNF 
84431198RidetJean-Lucm43Monts-de-CorsierVaud SwitzerlandFrance6003:44      DNF 
856837KjenstadTimm51HendersonNevada USAUSA8004:15      DNF 
862278UlrichMarshallm58Idaho SpringsColorado USAUSA10004:27      DNF