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2012 Furnace Creek 508 - Search Results (127 Found)

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Place Totem AC ID Name Group Category M/FTS #8
508.7 mi
Age Age Group City State Country Nationality Veteran
1Hoopoe926Seana Hogan1SoloF33:25:535350+Valley SpringsCA USAUSAYes
2Wooshkeetaan2006Janice Sheufelt1SoloF33:53:574640+JuneauAK USAUSAYes
3Jay-Bird1925Jennifer Vogel1SoloF33:59:543130+JacksonvilleFL USAUSANo
 Microraptor780Saralie Liner1SoloFDNF6060+Santa MonicaCA USAUSAYes
 Mako123Karen Armstrong1SoloFDNF5250+SpokaneWA USAUSAYes
1Crow95Sean Cuddihy1SoloM29:33:104440+Long BeachCA USAUSAYes
2Bonedog808Mike Lewis1SoloM29:52:195450+Paso RoblesCA USAUSAYes
3Siberian Tiger1689Robert Choi1SoloM31:06:545150+Santa RosaCA USAUSAYes
4Mudcat190David Holt1SoloM31:29:136060+Laguna NiguelCA USAUSAYes
5Escape Goat1834Joshua Talley1SoloM32:30:304040+Santa MonicaCA USAUSAYes
6Wren205Wade Baker1SoloM33:05:075850+AtascaderoCA USAUSAYes
6Ram786Chris Ragsdale1SoloM33:05:073530+SeattleWA USAUSAYes
8Stink Bug1682Jeff Lawler1SoloM33:44:234240+Los AngelesCA USAUSAYes
9Rock Rabbit1665Adam Bickett1SoloM33:52:352920+solana beachAZ USAUSAYes
10Pygmy Hippo1850Bradley Majors1SoloM35:15:564040+ChicagoIL USAUSAYes
11Carp1832Todd Carpenter1SoloM35:28:154140+WaukeshaWI USAUSAYes
12Chartreux768Jean-Marc Velez1SoloM35:46:145050+Le Chesnay FRAFRAYes
13Cinnamon Bear2138Aron Mason1SoloM36:00:143330+San MateoCA USAUSANo
14Mad Cow1726Jay Kilby1SoloM36:05:324940+Los GatosCA USAUSAYes
15Arctic Wolf2133Evgeny Pochaev1SoloM37:15:533030+Moscow RUSRUSNo
16Merlin125Greg Lester1SoloM37:19:545750+CazaderoCA USAUSAYes
17Mountain Gorilla2086Ted Philip1SoloM38:32:594740+WaylandME USAUSANo
18Desert Polar Bear2013Charlie Kharsa1SoloM38:44:114840+DavisCA USAUSAYes
19Lhasa Apso1661John Culligan1SoloM39:00:394940+SalinasCA USAUSAYes
20Wiener Dog84Danny Westergaard1SoloM39:52:425350+Rolling HillsCA USAUSAYes
21Pileated Woodpecker1845Tim Marks1SoloM40:16:395350+AndoverMN USAUSAYes
22Eland942Jim Pyatt1SoloM40:25:435550+ModestoCA USAUSAYes
23Frisky Camel2141Shai Shprung1Solo Fixed GearM40:38:404540+EncinoCA USAISRNo
24Rock Lizard2150Bob Andrews1SoloM40:52:025350+La JollaCA USAUSANo
25Wolverine156Kevin Walsh1SoloM41:01:015550+LancasterCA USAUSAYes
26Pirate Fish212William Spaeth1Solo RecumbentM41:18:035250+ArcataCA USAUSAYes
27Bear87Gary Baierl1Solo RecumbentM41:25:564540+Lake ForestCA USAUSANo
28Big Red Dog2135Ken Stamm1SoloM41:46:266660+Lake Havasu CityAZ USAUSANo
29GeoDuck2142John Pearch1SoloM42:00:243930+OlympiaWA USAUSANo
30Mellivora2146Mel Morris1SoloM42:33:553830+AmarilloTX USAUSANo
31Gopher1986Bob McEnaney1SoloM42:39:355450+WoodburyMN USAUSANo
32Picachu130Francis-marlon Ignacio1SoloM42:39:554540+duarteCA USAUSAYes
33Angler Fish167Steve LaChaine1SoloM42:51:134540+AtascaderoCA USAUSAYes
34Bush Baby1382Robert Brudvik1SoloM42:54:375750+EdmondsWA USAUSAYes
35Big Mouth Frog2134Jeffrey Montgomery1SoloM43:23:204040+FallonNV USAUSANo
36Coho1988Leonard Fancher1SoloM43:37:344840+AnchorageAK USAUSAYes
37Wessex Wyvern2003Colin Stokes1SoloM43:44:304640+Mission ViejoCA USAUSANo
38Grasshopper 21836David Neff1SoloM44:09:516460+Fair OaksCA USAUSAYes
39Black Mamba2136Stanford Smith1SoloM44:17:385550+wellesleyME USAUSANo
40Irish Wolfhound2145James McKee1SoloM44:28:184340+SeattleWA USAUSANo
41Wile E Coyote1760Paul Grimm1SoloM45:10:284440+littletonCO USAUSAYes
42German Shepherd1781Markus Wiaderek1SoloM45:26:454440+Ile BizardQC CANDEUNo
43Eagle1991Bob Matthews1SoloM45:32:454340+OmahaNE USAUSAYes
44Saluki135Jeff Stevenson1SoloM45:46:156660+SolvingCA USAUSAYes
45White Falcon2156Ken Shuart1SoloM45:47:365150+GalesvilleMD USAUSANo
46Sea Dragon214Dana Lieberman1Solo RecumbentM46:28:124440+Valley VillageCA USAUSAYes
47Tomcatfish2154Tom Vu1SoloM46:30:165250+San JoseCA USAUSANo
48Frostbite SEAL1993Michael Benedict1SoloM46:38:304640+North Las VegasNV USAUSAYes
49Skylark2153Brian Terczynski1SoloM46:51:353830+San DiegoCA USAUSANo
50Sneaky Snake2000Joseph Monahan1SoloM46:59:043230+San FranciscoCA USAUSANo
51Brooklyn Beast1830Charles Olson1SoloM47:28:154740+BrooklynNY USAUSAYes
 Fighting Rooster2140Eric Maquiling1SoloMDNF4640+IrvineCA USAUSANo
 Mountain Cur2147Jim Kehr1SoloMDNF6960+laguna beachCA USAUSANo
 Cricket2139Mark Pattinson1SoloMDNF4340+WestportCT USAUSANo
 Gray Hare2143Larry Hildenbrand1SoloMDNF5950+CrestonCA USAUSANo
 Newfoundland2148Michael McHale1SoloMDNF5050+SammamishWA USAUSANo
 Oso Loco2149Sean O hIarnain1SoloMDNF3230+Banyoles ESPIRLNo
 Red Eyed Vireo159George Vargas1SoloMDNF4740+Costa MesaCA USAUSAYes
 Sea Ray2152Gary Kanaby1SoloMDNF6260+Chula VistaCA USAUSANo
 Sheephead2031Mark Wieneke1SoloMDNF6160+ArnaudvilleLA USAUSAYes
 ZomBee1678Robert James1SoloMDNF4240+San JoseCA USAUSAYes
 Leviathan208Ron Smith1Solo RecumbentMDNF4440+San FranciscoCA USAUSAYes
 Abruzzo Chamois2130Anthony Gebbia1SoloMDNF4640+HendersonNV USAUSANo
1Lionfish1695Patrick Seely2Tandem Mixed 43:26:525950+RenoNV USAUSAYes
1Bushmaster  6Two Man 27:16:02 40+      
2Earth Cucoo  6Two Man 27:22:30 40+      
3Flying Voles  6Two Man 27:40:05 50+      
4Flying Eagle  6Two Man 28:40:27 40+      
5Red Bull  6Two Man 31:36:48 40+      
5Gibbon  6Two Mixed 31:36:48 50+      
7Blue Frog  6Two Man 32:09:48 50+      
8Trojan Rabbits  6Two Mixed 32:41:22 30+      
9LuLu Bird  6Two Mixed 32:46:18 40+      
10Scarab  6Two Mixed 33:03:15 50+      
11Stubborn Bulls  6Two Man 33:44:15 40+      
12Spotted Ass  6Two Man 34:13:04 50+      
13Great Horned Owl  6Two Man 34:15:04 40+      
14Loon  6Two Man 34:38:50 50+      
15Psycho Kitties  6Two Woman 34:47:00 50+      
16Flying Tatonkas  6Two Man 35:07:33 50+      
17Flying Fish  6Two Man 35:15:50 50+      
18Flying Beaver  6Two Man 35:17:11 50+      
19Super Tabby  6Two Mixed 36:02:42 40+      
20Wild Hare  6Two Man 36:40:29 50+      
21Tinky Winkies  6Two Man 36:45:30 50+      
22Cao de Agua  6Two Man 36:49:14 50+      
23Blue Footed Booby  6Two Woman Fixed Gear 36:55:35 30+      
24Raging Bulls  6Two Woman 37:34:00 40+      
25PushMePullYou  6Two Mixed 37:48:25 50+      
26Hammerdillo  6Two Mixed 37:48:50 50+      
27Fire Dragon  6Two Woman 37:54:24 50+      
28Little Red Flying Fox  6Two Woman 39:07:58 50+      
29Wolfdog  6Two Man 39:12:14 50+      
30Honu  6Two Man 39:18:39 50+      
31Emerald Basilisk  6Two Man 39:52:33 50+      
32Great Eagle  6Two Man 43:29:54 60+      
33Chinook  6Two Mixed 44:14:11 50+      
 Bloodhound  6Two Man DNF 40+      
 Rottwheeler  6Two Mixed DNF 60+      
 Sparrow  6Two Man DNF 60+      
1Northern Spring Peepers  7Two Tandem Mixed 33:15:44 50+      
1Rock Ewe  8Four Woman 28:23:30 40+      
2Nervous Tick  8Four Man 29:02:29 40+      
3Mosquitos  8Four Man 30:16:30 40+      
4Sea Monkeys  8Four Mixed 30:37:28 40+      
5Foals  8Four Man 32:37:52 50+      
6Kraut Dogs  8Four Man 32:54:13 40+      
7Poloka Lana  8Four Mixed 32:59:43 50+      
8Nor-Cal Hellcats  8Four Man 34:04:56 40+      
9Western Wood Pewee  8Four Man 34:19:35 50+      
10Blue Whale  8Four Man 34:22:10 50+      
11Pudu and the Pussycats  8Four Mixed Fixed Gear 34:45:40 40+      
12Pika  8Four Woman 35:14:28 40+      
13Pine Martens  8Four Woman 35:18:43 40+      
14Desert Crickets  8Four Man 35:19:45 50+      
15Twocan  8Four Man 36:31:54 40+      
16Kitty Kitty Bang Bang  8Four Woman 37:00:08 30+      
17Przewalski's Horses  8Four Mixed 37:16:39 50+      
18Woody Woodpecker  8Four Mixed 38:20:18 40+      
19Hammer Frogs  8Four Woman 38:24:00 60+      
20Killer Bees  8Four Mixed 41:53:38 40+      
1Gray Goose  9Four Tandem Mixed 34:40:17 50+