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2014 Silver State 508 - Search Results (71 Found)

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Place Totem AC ID Name Group Category M/FTS #8
510.00 mi
Age Age Group City State Country Nationality Veteran
1Spotted Horse2681Sarah Cooper1SoloF32:32:004340+UrbandaleIA USAUSANo
2Albatross1020Sheherezade Adams1Solo ClassicF41:48:004140+HealdsburgCA USAUSANo
3Blue Dasher2027Lisa Johnson1SoloF43:48:005050+Citrus HeightsCA USAUSAYes
4Grey Kingbird2498Maria del Pilar Vazquez1SoloF45:37:004340+San JuanPR USAUSAYes
 Hoopoe926Seana Hogan1SoloFDNF5550+Valley SpringsCA USAUSAYes
 Echidna1257Sandy Earl1Solo RecumbentFDNF5150+ArcataCA USAUSAYes
1Tweety Bird1471Marko Baloh1SoloM26:24:004740+Ljubljana SVNSVNYes
2Crow95Sean Cuddihy1SoloM28:03:004640+Long BeachCA USAUSAYes
3Rock Rabbit1665Adam Bickett1SoloM28:15:003130+Solana BeachCA USAUSAYes
4Gibbon110Gregg Geser1SoloM31:18:006160+SistersOR USAUSAYes
5Rednecked Falcon2442David Farey1SoloM31:55:004240+RiversideCA USAUSAYes
6Thundercat2683Damon Taaffe1SoloM32:15:003830+WashingtonDC USAUSANo
7Wild Turkey1878Mike Wilson1SoloM32:32:004140+San DiegoCA USAUSAYes
8Great Basin Ichthyosaur2480Rich Staley1SoloM34:55:004540+RenoNV USAUSAYes
9Irish Hare1801Mick Walsh1SoloM35:04:005450+SeattleWA USAUSAYes
10Spotted Dog2680Ray Brown1SoloM35:19:005750+RoswellGA USAUSANo
11Zoo Monkey2684Ryan Tetz1SoloM36:00:003030+BishopCA USAUSANo
12Lion of Judah2669Bruce Jamieson Jr1SoloM36:06:003630+San DiegoCA USAUSANo
13Lulu Bird1805David Shinsky1SoloM37:05:004440+Walnut CreekCA USAUSAYes
14Crazy Ibex2637Vito Rubino1SoloM37:19:003630+PasadenaCA USAITANo
15Tarpon795Laurence Kluck1SoloM38:49:006660+EurekaCA USAUSAYes
16Pileated Woodpecker1845Tim Marks1SoloM40:14:005550+AndoverMN USAUSAYes
17Wiener Dog84Danny Westergaard1SoloM41:23:005550+Palos Verdes EstatesCA USAUSAYes
18Kookaburra2438Steven Burns1SoloM43:21:005650+Redondo BeachCA USAUSAYes
19Pink Fairy Armadillo2671Paul Tourkin1SoloM43:31:005150+San DiegoCA USAUSANo
20Coho1988Leonard Fancher1SoloM43:44:005050+AnchorageAK USAUSAYes
21Tepig2666Roland von Kriegenbergh1SoloM43:58:004540+TemeculaCA USACHENo
22Silver Hare2445Jesse Santamaria1SoloM44:00:005450+NorwalkCA USAUSANo
23Brown Rhino2474Philip Auriemma1SoloM46:25:004740+FremontCA USAUSAYes
24Flying Monkey2661Dante Recio1SoloM46:44:004940+Rowland HeightsCA USAPHLNo
25Speedy Turtle2653Thomas Zaide1SoloM47:35:003730+Long BeachCA USAUSANo
 Holstein115David Haase1SoloMDNF4740+Fond du LacWI USAUSAYes
 Whippoorwill2449David Collum1SoloMDNF6160+StocktonCA USAUSAYes
 Gila Chub2664Alan Johnson1SoloMDNF5850+PhoenixAZ USAUSANo
 Wren205Wade Baker1SoloMDNF5960+AtascaderoCA USAUSAYes
 Tenacious Tarsier2682Alfredo Tadeo1SoloMDNF5550+Newport BeachCA USAPHLNo
 Red Wolf1604Mike DeNoma1SoloMDNF5850+London GBRUSAYes
1Mute Swan126Paul McKenzie2Tandem Mixed 31:57:005950+RichmondCA USAUSAYes
2Hutton's Vireo2481Lori Hoechlin2Tandem Mixed 36:34:005250+Costa MesaCA USAUSAYes
1Little Bear  6Two Man 26:51:00 30+      
2Desert Bighorn  6Two Man 28:58:00 20+      
3Chimera Twins  6Two Man 29:27:00 40+      
4Rock Scorpions  6Two Man 29:27:01 20+      
5Snowshoe Hare  6Two Mixed 30:06:00 40+      
6Red Bull  6Two Man 30:09:00 40+      
7Two-Headed Dragon  6Two Mixed 31:49:00 30+      
8Sunfish  6Two Man 31:59:00 40+      
9Blue Frog  6Two Man 33:31:00 50+      
10Black Angus Cow  6Two Man 33:33:00 40+      
11Skink  6Two Mixed 34:52:00 50+      
12Cao de Agua  6Two Man 35:02:00 50+      
13Pine Martens  6Two Woman 36:36:00 30+      
14Flat-Faced Wasp  6Two Man 38:09:00 40+      
1Mantis Shrimp  7Two Tandem 32:35:00 60+      
1Bloodhound  8Four Man 27:55:00 40+      
2Diana Monkey  8Four Mixed 30:17:00 40+      
3Mosquitos  8Four Man 30:25:00 40+      
4Nervous Tick  8Four Man 31:56:00 40+      
5Spike the Wonder Dog  8Four Man 32:05:00 50+      
6Spinner Dolphin  8Four Mixed 32:24:00 50+      
7Falcons  8Four Man 32:26:00 50+      
8Western Wood Pewee  8Four Man 32:33:00 60+      
9Prancing Unicorn  8Four Man 32:34:00 40+      
10Super Tabby  8Four Mixed 32:50:00 50+      
11Nor-Cal Hellcats  8Four Man 33:03:00 50+      
12Rabid Rhinos  8Four Man 33:29:00 50+      
13Chinook  8Four Mixed 34:58:00 50+      
14Przewalski's Horses  8Four Mixed 36:11:00 50+      
15Mahi Mahi  8Four Man 39:05:00 60+      
16Def Leopards  8Four Man 39:40:00 40+      
 Whistle Pig  8Four Man DNF 40+