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2011 Furnace Creek 508 - Search Results (115 Found)

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Place Totem AC ID Name Group Category M/FTS #8
509.58 mi
Age Age Group City State Country Nationality Veteran
1Wooshkeetaan2006Janice Sheufelt1SoloF35:14:514540+JuneauAK USAUSANo
2Hoopoe926Seana Hogan1SoloF35:27:095250+Valley SpringsCA USAUSAYes
3Mako123Karen Armstrong1SoloF36:15:515150+SpokaneWA USAUSAYes
4Butterfly833Andi Ramer1SoloF40:41:393830+San DiegoCA USAUSAYes
5Gyrfalcon 2108Nicole Honda1Solo ClassicF41:10:464540+VenturaCA USAUSAYes
6Yellow Labrador213Sara Kay Carrell1Solo RecumbentF44:56:123430+HaysKS USAUSAYes
 Adder761Debbie Albers1SoloFDNF4840+HealdsburgCA USAUSAYes
 Betta Fish1651Mary Betts1SoloFDNF5350+SurreyBC CANCANYes
 Sun Bear1470Rebecca Smith1SoloFDNF6260+WashougalWA USAUSAYes
1Rock Rabbit1665Adam Bickett1SoloM30:20:282820+Solana BeachCA USAUSAYes
2American Kestrel1650Brian Ecker1SoloM31:19:363930+BellinghamWA USAUSAYes
3Escape Goat1834Joshua Talley1SoloM33:12:073930+Santa MonicaCA USAUSAYes
4Blue Racer1822John Schlitter1Solo RecumbentM34:04:315550+Saint PetersburgFL USAUSAYes
5Turkey Vulture2002Drew Peterson1SoloM34:20:134030+El CajonCA USAUSANo
6Honey Badger1995Balvindar Singh1SoloM34:20:192220+ReddingCA USAUSANo
7Loon779Scott Dakus1SoloM34:51:434740+HendersonNV USAUSAYes
8Wren205Wade Baker1SoloM34:54:255750+AtascaderoCA USAUSANo
9Werewolf161Timothy Woudenberg1Solo RecumbentM35:33:30050+San FranciscoCA USAUSAYes
10Merlin125Greg Lester1SoloM35:36:145650+CazaderoCA USAUSAYes
11Wild Turkey1878Mike Wilson1SoloM36:01:013830+San DiegoCA USAUSAYes
12Tapir1606Christopher O'Keefe1SoloM36:03:434540+Mountain ViewCA USAUSAYes
13Siberian Husky790Michael Arenberg1SoloM36:24:215250+Fairview HeightsIL USAUSAYes
14Pancake Tortoise781Jim Ryan1SoloM36:31:415050+SammamishWA USAUSAYes
15Wolverine156Kevin Walsh1SoloM37:11:045450+LancasterCA USAUSAYes
16Wild Boar2004Roberta Trotta1SoloM37:36:384640+SUSA ITAITANo
17Wiener Dog84Danny Westergaard1SoloM37:40:225250+Rolling hillsCA USAUSAYes
18Northern Shoveler1872Michael Svihura1SoloM37:55:294740+BelmontCA USACANYes
19Dung Beetle1686Christopher Young1Solo RecumbentM38:24:124240+PortlandOR USAUSAYes
20Red-Eyed Vireo159George A. Vargas1SoloM38:41:364640+Newport BeachCA USAUSAYes
21Golden Retriever1994Herve Talabardon1SoloM38:50:106560+La Queue en Briet FRAFRANo
22Bush Baby1382Bob Brudvik1SoloM38:54:105550+EdmondsWA USAUSAYes
23Rat Snake1664Kenneth Stalter1SoloM39:00:435750+FranklinNY USAUSAYes
24Asiatic Wildcat1982Felix Wong1Solo ClassicM39:14:593630+Fort CollinsCO USAUSANo
25Pudu1740Jason Pierce1SoloM39:32:503630+OaklandCA USAUSAYes
26Phoenix1860Michael Hanes1SoloM39:47:002920+LimerickMA USAUSANo
27Clydesdale1987Larry Nelson1SoloM40:13:455850+HendersonNV USAUSANo
28Picachu130Francis-Marlon Ignacio1SoloM40:39:044440+DuarteCA USAPHLYes
29Coho1988Leonard Fancher1SoloM40:59:294740+AnchorageAK USAUSANo
30Desert Polar Bear2013Charlie Kharsa1SoloM41:00:434640+DavisCA USAUSANo
31Cyclosaurus1989David O'Brien1SoloM41:00:533530+TucsonAZ USAUSANo
32Pileated Woodpecker1845Timothy Marks1SoloM42:07:425250+AndoverMN USAUSAYes
33Pheasant64Greg Pressler1SoloM42:18:564440+PortlandOR USAUSANo
34Unladen Swallow1670Michael Deitchman1SoloM42:32:553530+SunnyvaleCA USAUSAYes
35Bear Dog1983David Goldberg1SoloM42:52:415150+Fort CollinsCO USAUSANo
36Bengal Tiger1984Reinier Geyser1SoloM43:58:433530+Las VegasNV USAZAFNo
37Japanese Macaque777Jun Watanabe1SoloM45:04:443530+SeattleWA USAUSAYes
38Silverback1999Scott Brown1SoloM45:32:184740+Elk GroveCA USAUSANo
39Giant Water Bug163Steve Gray1SoloM45:36:005050+HendersonNV USAUSANo
40Hoary Marmot1600John Henry Maurice1SoloM46:32:325650+KeizerOR USAUSAYes
41Running Terrier815Omar Spina1SoloM47:05:283930+Oak ParkCA USAUSAYes
42Eland942Jim Pyatt1SoloM47:17:115450+ModestoCA USAUSAYes
43Stegosaurus2001Shaun Arora1Solo Fixed GearM47:44:063230+Santa MonicaCA USAUSANo
44Velvet Ant1673Don Williams1SoloM47:52:004540+Discovery BayCA USAUSAYes
 Aries1981Raphael Gernez1SoloMDNF4840+Los AltosCA USAFRANo
 Black Sheep643Daniel Jensen1SoloMDNF6260+Sioux FallsSD USAUSAYes
 Frostbite Seal1993Michael Benedict1SoloMDNF4540+Las VegasNV USAUSANo
 Mountain Lion1996Lap Lai1SoloMDNF5650+VancouverWA USANo
 Onager1402Bill Osborn1SoloMDNF4140+EscondidoCA USAUSAYes
 Wildebeest 22005Scott Buswell1SoloMDNF3930+San BrunoCA USAUSANo
 Brooklyn Beast1830Charles Olson1SoloMDNF4640+BrooklynNY USAUSAYes
 Rocky the Squirrel1666Ole Eichhorn1SoloMDNF5350+Westlake VillageCA USAUSAYes
 Eagle1991Robert Matthews1SoloMDNF4240+Beverly HillsCA USAUSANo
 Wild Mustang151Keith Laird1SoloMDNF5550+VenturaCA USAUSAYes
 ZomBee1678Robert James1SoloMDNF4040+San JoseCA USAUSAYes
 Black-Tailed Jackrabbit1739Steven Tiede1SoloMDNF5650+BishopCA USAUSAYes
 Lionfish1695Patrick Seely2Solo Tandem DNF5850+RenoNV USAUSAYes
1Godwit  6Two Mixed 29:16:15 30+      
2Flying Voles  6Two Man 30:39:58 60+      
3Zebu  6Two Man 30:57:40 30+      
4Rock Ewe  6Two Woman 31:26:43 30+      
5Canadian Lynx  6Two Man 31:29:31 40+      
6Red Bull  6Two Man 31:57:43 40+      
7River Cooters  6Two Man 32:05:06 30+      
8Black Angus Cow  6Two Man 32:33:56 40+      
9Pair O Ducks  6Two Mixed Fixed Gear 32:54:09 40+      
10Beast  6Two Mixed 33:07:59 40+      
11Wild Dogs  6Two Man 33:14:51 50+      
12Spotted Ass  6Two Man 33:39:08 50+      
13Blue Frog  6Two Man 33:44:22 40+      
14Spike the Wonder Dog  6Two Man 33:55:37 50+      
15Wild Hare  6Two Man 33:56:08 50+      
16Mackerel Shark  6Two Man 34:48:06 50+      
17Twocan  6Two Man 35:40:00 10+      
18Capybara  6Two Man 35:42:10 40+      
19Golden Toad  6Two Mixed 35:48:20 40+      
20Desert Spider  6Two Man 35:54:24 50+      
21Sheephead  6Two Mixed 36:07:52 50+      
22Honu  6Two Man 37:35:11 40+      
23Rottwheeler  6Two Mixed 40:07:06 40+      
24Common Pipistrelle  6Two Man 41:31:47 50+      
25Irukandji  6Two Man FIN 50+      
 Sparrow  6Two Man DNF 50+      
 Gummy Bears  6Two Mixed DNF 40+      
1Long-Eared Jerboa  7Two Tandem Mixed 37:06:02 50+      
1Bloodhound  8Four Man 27:08:33 40+      
2Great American Toad  8Four Man 30:10:03 50+      
3Kraut Dogs  8Four Man 30:15:14 40+      
4Kites  8Four Mixed 31:15:51 40+      
5Black Scorpion  8Four Man 31:58:59 40+      
6Sea Monkeys  8Four Mixed 32:33:36 40+      
7Prairie Falcon  8Four Man 32:43:29 40+      
8Missing Lynx  8Four Man Fixed Gear 33:04:17 50+      
9Western Wood Pewee  8Four Man 33:15:52 50+      
10Blue Whale  8Four Man 33:33:30 50+      
11Wolf Pack  8Four Man 34:02:40 50+      
12Desert Crickets  8Four Man 34:33:35 50+      
13Ukalerk  8Four Woman 36:49:24 50+      
14Woody Woodpecker  8Four Man 37:23:38 40+      
15Chinook  8Four Man 38:58:24 40+      
16Killer Bees  8Four Mixed 38:59:03 30+      
17Jurassic Shark  8Four Man 40:35:36 30+      
18Bees  8Four Man 41:55:32 60+      
19Pine Martens  8Four Woman FIN 40+      
1Centi-speed  9Four Tandem Mixed 33:55:54 50+      
2Barking Spiders  9Four Tandem Mixed 35:31:42 50+