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2013 Furnace Creek 508, AKA Trona 353 - Search Results (130 Found)

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Place Totem AC ID Name Group Category M/FTS #4
353.86 mi
Age Age Group City State Country Nationality Veteran
1Flying Gecko2434Dina Hannah1SoloF23:22:005050+MurrayUtah USAUSANo
2Osprey1426Janet Christiansen1SoloF24:17:005250+San DiegoCalifornia USAUSAYes
3Slow Loris7Lisa Bliss1SoloF27:20:004540+SpokaneWashington USAUSANo
4Raging Bull2189Monica Berlin1SoloF27:45:003630+CastaicCalifornia USAUSAYes
5Hoodoo1502Louise Comar1SoloF27:56:006060+AtascaderoCalifornia USAUSAYes
6Desert Lark2429Vaune Davis1SoloF29:11:005450+TorontoOntario CANCANNo
7Fire Dragon2038Amy Snyder1SoloF30:20:005350+La JollaCalifornia USAUSAYes
8RedAssd Monkey2331Meredith Dolhare1SoloF30:42:004040+CharlotteNorth Carolina USAUSANo
1Billy Goat2423Billy Edwards1SoloM18:21:003630+BoulderColorado USAUSANo
2Mountain Goat822Dan McGehee1SoloM19:00:005150+MesaArizona USAUSAYes
3Tunder Pig2447Mark Skarpohl1SoloM19:04:005550+MankatoMinnesota USAUSANo
4Ram786Chris Ragsdale1SoloM20:20:003530+SeattleWashington USAUSAYes
5Puggle2439Jason Overbaugh1SoloM20:26:003930+AtlantaGeorgia USAUSANo
6Earth Cucoo2432Pat Rehorn1SoloM20:30:005150+AtascaderoCalifornia USAUSANo
7Woodland Caribou2450Paul Millar1SoloM21:53:005250+TorontoOntario CANCANNo
8Bonedog 2808Mike Lewis1SoloM21:58:005550+Paso RoblesCalifornia USAUSAYes
9Flying Eagle1657Scott Gower1SoloM21:59:004940+AtascaderoCalifornia USAUSAYes
10Rattlesnake 22428Dale Capewell1SoloM22:07:005050+Agoura HillsCalifornia USAUSANo
11Shrike836James Kern1Solo RecumbentM22:31:005550+SunnyvaleCalifornia USAUSAYes
12Water Dragon14Charlie Engle1SoloM22:42:005150+GreensboroNorth Carolina USAUSAYes
13Mad Cow1726Jay Kilby1SoloM22:51:005050+Los GatosCalifornia USAUSAYes
14Escape Goat1834Joshua Talley1SoloM22:57:004140+Santa MonicaCalifornia USAUSAYes
15Red-Legged Frog272Roehl Caragao1SoloM23:16:005050+FresnoCalifornia USAPHLYes
16Half Beast2024Scot Harvey1SoloM23:25:004440+GlendoraCalifornia USAUSAYes
17Super Fly2446Greg Kline1Solo ClassicM23:34:004840+Newport BeachCalifornia USAUSANo
18Wolverine156Kevin Walsh1SoloM23:37:005650+LancasterCalifornia USAUSAYes
19Irish Hare1801Mick Walsh1SoloM23:41:005150+SeattleWashington USAIRLYes
20Wren205Wade Baker1SoloM24:05:005950+AtascaderoCalifornia USAUSAYes
21Red-necked Falcon2442David Farey1Solo ClassicM24:11:004140+RiversideCalifornia USAUSANo
22Skink1621Victor Cooper1SoloM24:34:005750+TorranceCalifornia USAUSAYes
23Trilobite1440Tom Kenny1SoloM24:46:005050+CalgaryAlberta CANCANYes
24Boundless Beaver2496Simon Donato1SoloM25:12:003730+CanmoreAlberta CANCANNo
25Energizer Bunny2433Roland Hoffman1SoloM25:21:005150+Alta LomaCalifornia USAUSANo
26Dharma Dog2430Luis Bernhardt1Solo Fixed GearM25:27:006360+BurnabyBritish Columbia CANCANNo
27Bugs Bunny2194Paul Carpenter1SoloM25:45:005450+BataviaIllinois USAUSAYes
28Desert Dog2427Bill Packard1SoloM25:55:005550+PhoenixArizona USAUSANo
29Black Cat2424Arden Olson1SoloM26:01:005250+CummingGeorgia USAUSANo
30Pileated Woodpecker1845Tim Marks1SoloM26:26:005450+AndoverMinnesota USAUSAYes
31Cattle Dog1908Eric Meech1SoloM26:45:004440+San DiegoCalifornia USAUSAYes
32Snoopy828Jon Shellenbarger1SoloM26:55:004140+AnaheimCalifornia USAUSAYes
33Frisky Camel2141Shai Shprung1Solo Fixed GearM27:21:004640+EncinoCalifornia USAISRYes
33Clydesdale1987Larry Nelson1SoloM27:21:006060+HendersonNevada USAUSAYes
33Springbuck1123Charles Schroyer1SoloM27:21:006160+Morgan HillCalifornia USAUSAYes
36Desert Rat97Ric Schrank1SoloM27:29:004840+Virginia CityNevada USAUSAYes
37Tapir1606Chris O'Keefe1SoloM28:00:004740+Mountain ViewCalifornia USAUSAYes
38Bull Shark2063Scott D'Angelo1SoloM28:19:004740+delray beachFlorida USAUSANo
39Pudu1740Jason Pierce1Solo ClassicM28:40:003930+OaklandCalifornia USAUSAYes
40Wiener Dog84Danny Westergaard1SoloM28:54:005450+Palos Verdes EstatesCalifornia USAUSAYes
41Bear87Gary Baierl1Solo RecumbentM28:58:004640+Lake ForestCalifornia USAUSAYes
42Coho1988Leonard Fancher1SoloM29:09:004940+AnchorageAlaska USAUSAYes
43Zyzzyx2178Greg Wilson1SoloM29:16:004740+SacramentoCalifornia USAUSAYes
43Jackdaw2437Hermann Bachmann1SoloM29:16:006160+Flamatt CHECHENo
45Fighting Rooster2140Eric Maquiling1SoloM29:55:004740+IrvineCalifornia USAUSAYes
46Red Kite687Reiner Schubert1SoloM30:10:006360+Ebersbach Fils DEUDEUNo
47Kookabura2438Steven Burns1SoloM30:50:005550+Redondo BeachCalifornia USAUSANo
48Whippoorwill2449David Collum1SoloM31:56:006060+StocktonCalifornia USAUSANo
49Condor1957Lonnie Binderim1SoloM32:23:004840+Long BeachCalifornia USAUSAYes
50Fossa2435John Tarlton1SoloM32:51:004440+Palo AltoCalifornia USAUSANo
 Shiba Inu2444John Quinones1SoloMDNF5750+CalabasasCalifornia USAUSANo
 Turbo Turtle2495Paul Trebilcock1SoloMDNF4840+HamiltonOntario CANCANNo
 Stubborn Bull2007Dany Bonneville1SoloMDNF4840+St-HilaireQuebec CANCANYes
 Fruit Bat2349Douglas Long1SoloMDNF3130+Ft HoodTexas USAUSANo
 Hoary Marmot1600John Henry Maurice1SoloMDNF5950+KeizerOregon USAUSAYes
 Wasp1319Raymond Williams1SoloMDNF6360+RiversideCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Moonfish407Chris Moon1SoloMDNF5150+Strathaven GBRGBRYes
1Hutton's Vireo2481Lori Hoechlin2Solo Tandem 26:33:005140+Costa MesaCalifornia USAUSANo
1Tufted Titmouse  6Two Man 18:48:00 30+      
2Flying Hoopoe Voles  6Two Mixed 20:59:00 50+      
3Desert Bighorn  6Two Man 21:36:00 30+      
4Smiley Coyotes  6Two Man 21:41:00 30+      
5Canadian Lynx  6Two Man 21:51:00 40+      
6Red Bull  6Two Man 21:59:00 40+      
7Fat Wombats  6Two Man 22:33:00 40+      
8Lulu Birds  6Two Mixed 22:43:00 40+      
9Blue Frog  6Two Man 22:48:00 50+      
10Irukandji  6Two Man 22:55:00 50+      
11Scalded Monkey  6Two Man 22:58:00 40+      
12Mackerel Shark  6Two Man 23:04:00 50+      
13Free Bird  6Two Man 23:22:00 30+      
14Persian Onager  6Two Mixed 23:23:00 40+      
15Great Basin Ichthyosaur  6Two Mixed 23:33:00 40+      
16Bush Hound  6Two Man 23:35:00 50+      
17Pygmy Jerboa  6Two Woman 23:51:00 30+      
18Tibetan Sand Fox  6Two Mixed 24:12:00 40+      
19Asp  6Two Man 24:33:00 50+      
20Gray Goose  6Two Mixed 24:39:00 40+      
21Hodag  6Two Mixed 24:48:00 60+      
21Fire-Breathing Duck  6Two Man 24:48:00 30+      
23Gray Hare  6Two Man 25:11:00 50+      
24Przewalski's Horses  6Two Man 25:17:00 40+      
25Golden Toad  6Two Mixed 25:23:00 40+      
26Adder  6Two Mixed 25:36:00 40+      
27Cao de Agua  6Two Man 25:38:00 50+      
28Brown Rhino  6Two Mixed 25:55:00 40+      
29Spotted Ass  6Two Man 25:58:00 50+      
30Unicornfish  6Two Mixed 26:09:00 30+      
30Super Tabby  6Two Woman 26:09:00 40+      
32Flying Fish  6Two Man 26:31:00 50+      
33adobo CHICKS  6Two Woman 26:38:00 40+      
34Capybara  6Two Man 26:46:00 40+      
35Basilisk  6Two Man 30:00:00 40+      
36Lions Roar  6Two Woman 30:35:00 40+      
 New Guinea Singing Dog  6Two Mixed Recumbent DNF 40+      
1Twice Sambar  7Two Tandem Mixed 19:38:00 50+      
2Northern Spring Peepers  7Two Tandem Mixed 23:29:00 50+      
1Rock Scorpion  8Four Man 19:27:00 40+      
2Thundering Eland  8Four Man 19:42:00 50+      
3Nervous Tick  8Four Man 20:32:00 40+      
4Mosquitos  8Four Man 21:20:00 30+      
5Sea Monkey  8Four Mixed 21:41:00 40+      
6Kraken  8Four Man 22:43:00 50+      
7Black Angus Cow  8Four Man 23:17:00 40+      
8Western Wood Pewee  8Four Man 23:49:00 50+      
9ZomBee  8Four Man 24:13:00 40+      
10Air Wolf  8Four Man 24:17:00 40+      
11Nor-Cal Hellcats  8Four Man 24:18:00 40+      
12Deer in Headlights  8Four Mixed 24:25:00 40+      
13Foals  8Four Man 24:27:00 40+      
14Shar-Pei Kats  8Four Man 24:35:00 50+      
15Bonobo  8Four Man Fixed Gear 24:37:00 30+      
16Water Dog  8Four Man 24:45:00 40+      
17Spike the Wonder Dog  8Four Man 24:52:00 50+      
18Honu  8Four Man 25:05:00 50+      
19Blue Whale  8Four Man 25:19:00 50+      
20Woody Woodpecker  8Four Man 25:44:00 40+      
21Desert Sandhill  8Four Mixed 26:16:00 60+      
22Chinook  8Four Mixed 26:46:00 40+      
23Old Lions  8Four Man 27:48:00 60+      
23Wild Mares  8Four Woman 27:48:00 50+      
25Rottwheeler  8Four Man 28:36:00 40+